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What people are saying...

The Last Starfighter
Blank Canvas Theatre

"Lang, Fancher, and especially Ray have some lovely melodic moments."

-Christine Howey, The Cleveland Scene

Short North Stage

"The supporting cast of Cindy Tran Nguyen, Marshawn Clodfelter, Sermontee Brown, Ryan Shreve, Cory Velazco, Tim Lawrence, Mikaela Ray, and Arriah Ratanapan are not just props or background players but complete Larson's painting."

-Paul Batterson, Broadway World Columbus

School of Rock
Cain Park

"[Dewey's] whole manner initially turns off the prim school principal Rosalie Mullins, until her secret passion for Stevie Nicks' music is revealed. In that role, Mikaela Ray has a lovely soprano voice"

-Christine Howey, The Cleveland Scene

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